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Smaster business Creations LLC is a professional comprehensive enterprise management consulting service organization. An international diversified, innovative technology-based, comprehensively competitive one-stop enterprise management service provider integrating real estate investment management, comprehensive trade, e-commerce and network engineering management.

Adhering to: customer first, brand as gold, gathering the power of all people, into the beauty of details; continuous innovation, self-improvement, the core values ​​of the company and the original intention of being good, and helping the development of the company is the mission.

Unswervingly provide convenient and fast enterprise service channels for many enterprises, and create a “one-stop” enterprise that provides mutual assistance, information construction system, and enterprise management system solutions from the problems in the initial, mid- and late-stage development of enterprises service provider.

Smaster Business Creations takes enterprise management consulting as the main body and also extends other sectors as optimization services to “help enterprise development”. From company establishment, license registration to human resource allocation, insurance supporting services, strategic planning, as well as company website construction and digital network marketing promotion. It also has a number of senior and professional legal system partners, who are proficient in UAE laws and regulations and national policies, and provide customers with a full range of supporting legal consulting services. Warm -hearted service, winning reputation.

Real Estate Investment Management Department: The company accurately grasps the latest developments in the industry market, independently plans the project as a whole, and quickly delivers the latest real estate business information to customers, including real estate buying and selling, trusteeship, leasing, office buildings and bottom shops. The company has always been committed to providing customers with the best real estate services and property consulting, and it is the company’s unremitting pursuit to maximize the value of customer investment.

Smaster way the e-commerce department: with an innovative concept and a new type of transaction method, it has built a “Silk Road” for many overseas enterprises. It brings production enterprises, distribution enterprises and consumers into a new world of network economy and digital survival.

The General Trade Department has reached strategic cooperation with many large Chinese enterprises. It has built an international trading platform for many companies, and is an agent of well-known Chinese companies, especially in the field of new energy and clean energy, actively practicing and sharing the same blue sky.
After years of hard work in UAE, The business creations LLC has a good cooperation mechanism with the Chinese government’s state-owned enterprises in UAE and large foreign-related private enterprises; it has in-depth business interaction with local enterprises. UAE City Hall, RTA, Water and Electricity Bureau, and Central National Laboratory have good cooperation channels with our company.

Our spirit of Smaster Business Creations LLC :

We welcome partners from all walks of life to achieve win-win cooperation with us!


Scope of business management consulting services:
  • Company Formation and License Registration
  • PRO Service
  • Immigration Consulting
  • Lobbying Activities
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Human Resources consulting
  • Strategic Consulting Services
  • Hospitality Management Consulting
  • Health Management Consulting
  • Quality Standardization and Measurement Consulting
  • Procurement, logistics, Cargo freight consulting
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Communications Consulting
  • Design accounting methods and procedures, cost accounting procedures, budget control procedures consulting
  • Advice and help to businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information etc
Company Formation

Internet Engineering Management Consulting Department Activities:

Large-scale portal website construction, enterprise network marketing hosting, high-end web design, global website promotion and optimization, search engine marketing solutions, enterprise application-level software development and other services.

Providing global buyers with high-quality supplier product information, and also providing global suppliers with comprehensive international marketing services. Service field foreign trade website construction, Google, global promotion, etc.

Real Estate Investment Management Consulting

  • Activities of real estate agents and brokers Intermediation in buying, selling and renting of real estate on a fee or contract basis Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
  • Activities of real estate escrow agents
  • Appraisal services for real estate
  • Real estate consultancy


Non-life insurance (health, travel, property, auto, marine, air, transportation, personal property damage and liability insurance)

E-commerce and General trade

  • Internet Retail Auction
  • Retail any product by mail order
  • Retail any product over the Internet
  • Direct sales via TV broadcast and telephone
  • Wholesale of a variety of goods without any particular specialization

A Message from Founder

Smaster Business Creations LLC

Smaster Business Creations LLC is a comprehensive business development enterprise legally registered and established in the UAE Sharjah Free Trade Zone. Our company’s business scope ranges from international trade, import and export trade and entrepot trade, cross-border e-commerce and the provision of professional business consulting services; we provide professional UAE domestic insurance agency services; our company has a professional local real estate sales team to undertake overall property sales and real estate agency business.

The senior management team of Smaster Business Creations LLC has several years of experience in various fields of UAE. Our professional legal personnel is familiar with the UAE laws and regulations and national policies which means we can provide customers with a full range of legal services. After years of hard work in the UAE, our company has a good cooperation mechanism with Chinese central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and large foreign-related private enterprises in the UAE; we also have in-depth business interactions with local enterprises. Dubai municipality, RTA, and Dubai Central Laboratory all have good cooperation channels with Smaster business creations LLC. Smaster Business Creations LLC is an enterprise located in Sharjah Free Trade Zone. Most of the company’s business enjoys regional policy advantages, such as tax exemption or preferential tax, and so on. In recent years, affected by the international political climate and environment, China’s manufacturing industry development is restricted by trade barriers and surplus from Europe and the United States, which has led to UAE entrepot trade. As a carrier in the supply chain, our company has gained actual economic benefits in practice. Smaster Business Creations LLC is looking forward to cooperating with Chinese companies to develop our trading business in the Middle East. Up to now, our company’s business covers Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Iraq and surrounding countries and regions that need to be rebuilt after the war.

The purpose of Smaster Business Creations LLC: Based on the UAE, serving Chinese companies to enter the international market. We believe that all roads lead to Beijing, and we firmly believe that where there are Chinese, there will be made in China. We sincerely welcome various companies to cooperate with us and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The General Manager: Tingting Lu

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Smaster Dubai is the General agent for China Himin Clean Energy solar co.Ltd

E-commerce is the broad term used for the process of buying and selling of physical goods over the internet. 

A consultant is a professional individual or business practice that provides expert advice to others.

Business startup counseling administrations give help to fresher endeavors.

Smaster Dubai offers complete land administrations to financial backers, landowners, and engineers which are inventive, cost-effective land needs.

An insurance consultant specializes in helping businesses and individuals assess their insurance needs and make necessary plans.

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